Design Store Footer

Feature Introduction

In order to provide your website with a better appearance and present more relevant information on your website, you can place more relevant information at the footer of your website according to your own preferences in the [Store Design] > [Footer] section.


Backend Operations

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Online Store] > [Design]. Click on the [Design] button next to the theme you are going to edit, scroll down and click [Footer].



Step 2

In the footer editor, we have provided four components, namely:

  • Email Subscription
  • Contact
  • Quick Navigation
  • Custom Contact

and up to 12 footer components can be placed side by side. You can add these components, include relevant information, terms, payment icon, subscription box and social media icon, and adjust the order of front-end components by dragging and dropping them.


1. Feature Description of Components:

  • Subscription component: Only one group can be configured. It supports configuration of subscription title, subscription description, input box prompt text and button text
  • LOGO and social account component: Only one group can be configured. It supports configuration of module title, logo picture, ALT tag, logo size, and adjustment of social account display and color
  • Text description component: multiple groups can be configured. It supports title and content configuration
  • Quick navigation component: multiple groups can be configured. It supports navigation title configuration, you can select the navigation menu configured in the background, and the method to open the corresponding link

2. Other Feature Introductions

  • Supports footer width adjustment
  • Supports background color configuration
  • Supports font color configuration
  • Supports “Powered by SHOPLINE” configuration to set it as hide or show
  • Supports the configuration of payment icons



Step 3

After editing and confirming it is correct, click [Save] in the upper right corner, and the footer of your website will be presented according to the preview style you changed to. (The footer configuration items are slightly different between different topics, but the overall function is similar)

Note: Please make sure that the preview result is consistent with the style you want to have, and then click [Save]!






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