Regional Delivery Method Setup

Each store is allowed to have multiple regional shipping plans for each store, and each plan can include different shipping fee methods. You can set different plans and shipping methods according to specific delivery areas, your marketing plans or delivery time.

A complete regional shipping plan should include applicable delivery area and its shipping plan.
This article will be covering the following: 

1. Setting Instructions

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Shipping & Delivery] > [Add delivery method]. 



2. Steps

Step 1: Enter a shipping zone name 

e.g.: Asian countries only


Once you've completed the shipping address, click Save to continue. 


Step 2: Set the delivery region

Eg.: USA, Canada (all region set by default)

Click [Add a shipping zone] to edit countries/regions to a detailed area, e.g. State, Province, city, etc. 




Step 3: Add custom shipping methods

Click [Add the shipping rates]


For more information, please refer to Add a custom shipping plan.

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