Region and Time Zone

This article will be covering the following: 

1. Setting Instructions

 Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin, then go to [Settings] > [Basic Settings]. Under "Country/Region/Currency" you can set your Country/Region, Product type and Time zone. mceclip0.png


2. Country/ Region

You can see the country/region you selected when you create the store profile. Country/region refers to your business region. Once selected, it cannot be changed later.


3. Product category

SHOPLINE now supports product categories as follows: Household, Fashion Wearing, Beauty Care & Cosmetics, Electronics, Outdoor & Sports, Food & Drink, Books & Stationery, Maternal & Infant, Pet.

If your products belong to none of the above, you can select a similar category or contact our Merchant Success Team. 


4. Time zone

For cross-border business merchants, please bear in mind the time gap between you and your business market. It is recommended to set the time zone to the country/regions you operate the business so that you can have a better reference on the order time.


The time shown on the product page will be adjusted according to the customer's browser time zone. For example, if the merchant sets the event time of a campaign at 12:00 am on 1 September 2021 at Taiwan time and the customer's browser is in the US Eastern Time Zone, their product page will show the time as 00:00 am, 1 September 2021.1625477112815.jpg

Note: The data that involves time in the Admin follows the time zone you set here in basic settings.





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