Multi-domain Management and Redirect Settings

1. Introduction

  • Merchants can add multiple domain names, each of the domain names can link to the store.
  • Merchants can make settings for redirection (Set to be disabled by default).

If merchants activated the redirect, all clicked domains will be redirected to the primary domain. If the redirect is deactivated, customers can access the store via different domains, and the domains will not be replaced by the primary domain.

2. Admin Panel Entry

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Domain Name] > . Click Manage domain to start editing the domain name.




3. Instructions

i. Multiple domain name management

Step 1. On the "Domain management" page, click Add a domain name.


Step 2. Enter the domain name to be added, then click Create to save it.


ii. Redirection Settings

Step 1. Click ''Redirection forbidden'' 


Step 2. In the pop-up reminder, check again if you wish to redirect all your domain names to the primary domain name. Click Redirect forbidden to confirm the action.






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