404 Error Page Setting

Error HTTP 404 will show on the webpage that customers are viewing when the web page does not exist, or when the URL of the original page is unavailable. If your URL has been changed, customers will not be able to access the non-existent web page, and the system will return a 404 error page message. Contents on the web page will not be able to be successfully queried by search engines.

In order to make customers shop smoothly on your updated store website, you can activate this feature to direct the error 404 webpages to your store homepage.

Step 1

Go to [Settings] > [Domain name]. Scroll down to "Page of error 404". 




Step 2

Select one of the options in the drop-down menu:

  • Stay on the 404 error page
  • Transfer the URL automatically to the home page of the shop

The system will save the changed settings automatically.



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