Tips Settings

European and American markets always have the traditions of tips, so merchants can also add the tip option as they are trying to provide customers with high-quality services. This function can make merchants get to know customer's opinion about the store's website and at the same time increase the profit.


Go to the Settings in the SHOPLINE Admin panel, choose [Checkout Settings] > [Tips], tick "Show tipping options at checkout", then there will be the detailed setting options for tips.Screenshot_2022-04-11_at_11_35_47_AM.png



Set the Tip Display

When you tick "Show tipping options at checkout", customers can see the tip option in the checkout page, if not, only customers who choose to add a tip will see the tip detail option.

Tip Display in the Store's Checkout Page:


Setting options for Tip

Merchants can set their desired percentages of tips for customers to choose, all the settings will be displayed in the page with maximum of three tipping options:


When customers check out for products, the system will automatically calculate the tips on the basis of products' total price according to the percentage set by merchants, please be noted that the calculation doesn't include shipping fees.


If customers do not want to choose the default tips, they can enter one on their own, then click "Update tip".


The tips will be automatically added in the total price.


Custom Tip Display Message

The default display of the tips has been shown as the screenshot, you can tick "Custom Tip Display Message" to edit your desired texts, click "Learn about display effect" to check different displayed information and their positions.


Once you have entered custom tip contents, please click "Update", then the system can save your settings. If your store configures multiple languages, you can click Automatic Translation, the system will translate the content into other languages.


Displayed Effect in Store's Website:mceclip9.png








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