Taxes and Fees Settings

1. Before the setup

Before you begin setting up taxes in SHOPLINE;

(i) Please confirm 3 things

  1. Whether your country of sale needs to charge value-added tax (VAT)/goods and services tax (GST) from customers?
  2. Whether the products you sell are taxable (For example, digital goods are subject to VAT in the European Union)
  3. Whether you need to charge freight tax in the area you sell

(ii) Seek advice from professionals

SHOPLINE recommends you seek tax experts to understand the tax-related laws of the country/region you want to sell to. Merchants should always confirm to the local tax authority or accountant that the tax rate you charge your customers is correct and that you have correctly declared and paid taxes.

(iii) Clear indication

If your product or the store charges customers sales tax/shipping duty, it is recommended that you specify the tax rules in the shopping description, product summary, and describe the taxation in the shipping option. This makes sure that customers are fully notified of the arrangements before checking out.

*Note: This function only calculates taxes for the store and collects them from customers. SHOPLINE does not declare or pay taxes for the store.


2. Setting Instructions

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Taxes and fees]


Step 1: Add region which has tax

For "Tax collection areas and taxes", click Add Tax Rate.


Step 2: Select the countries/regions

Check the boxes to select the country/region you are selling to from 7 continents. 

For example, if you are selling to Australia, look for "Oceania" in the list, then check the box for "Australia", then click Select.


Step 3: Set up the basic consumption tax for your country/region of sale

If you want to apply the basic consumption tax across the whole territory, enter the tax rate in the field for "Taxes across the territory".


Steps 4: Set up the freight tax

Please enter the rate if you are going to charge freight taxes. Click Add to save the setting.


Step 5: Check and complete your settings

The tax collection area, consumption tax rate, and freight tax rate will appear on the "Tax Collection Areas and Taxes" list for your easy reference. You can click Edit for changes, click Delete to remove the region. Click Add Tax Rate to set taxes for other areas. 




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