Custom Page

In the SHOPLINE Admin, click [Online Store] > [Custom Page].



1. Preview Page

On the "Custom page" page, you can define a new page to fulfill different needs.

First, you would need to input a [Page Title] for a new page. For content, there are many editing elements for you to design your own page.


Editing Search Engine Optimization is supported as well.mceclip1.png


After you finished editing the page, click "Add" on the top right to publish. System will open a new tab that leads to storefront and display the page.mceclip2.png


If you wish to edit the page again, simply click on the page title. You could also delete the page by clicking on the bin icon on right. mceclip3.png


To ensure standardization of your webpage, and increase the credibility of applying advertising account, we recommend you to add pages like "About Us", "Contact Us", "Privacy Policy", "Return Policy", "Shipping Policy", and "Payment Method".

Tips: You may first setup the above content and add the pages in store footer for customers to browse.


If you wish to apply for an advertising account, is recommended to include the content with reference below for above pages:

  Page Title Content
1. About Us Include Company/Store name and address, the content should be aligned with the info registered for business license.
2. Contact Us Include Company/Store name, address, email, contact (With country code included)
3. Privacy Policy Is compulsory to provide a statement or legal document that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client's data.
4. Return/Exchange Policy Indicate the policies of return or exchange
5. Shipping Policy Indicate the delivery methods provided, shipping fee, and delivery period.
6. Payment Method Include the logo of payment methods you provided for your customers, such as the logo of Paypal, Master, Visa, and more.


Storefront display

After you finished editing all the pages, you can go to "Navigation" and add the page to be displayed in the page header or footer.mceclip4.png


Once you added the pages to navigation menu, you can go to [Online Store] > [Design]. In [Design] tab, click the "Design" button to enter editing page, you would be able to edit "Header" or "Footer" on editing page.



Click here for the guide on edit homepage.



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