Customer Notification

SHOPLINE provides the customer notification for merchants to inform customers of their orders' status in real-time. Merchants can add a logo, title, or other custom content to provide more information for the customers. 

This article will be covering the following:


1. Message templates


  • Order Confirmation: Send out notifications when customers have placed orders successfully or when merchants create orders for customers.
  • Edit Order: Inform customers of order updates.
  • Shipping Update: Send notification to the customer when the shipping is confirmed or when the shipping status is updated (If this option is selected).
  • Order Cancellation: Send notifications to customers if their orders are canceled.
  • Return & Refund Update: Send notifications when the status of return orders is updated (If this option is selected).
  • Abandoned Cart: Send a recall email to the customer when the customer abandons the cart during the checkout process.
  • Order Invoice: Send a reminder email to the customer when the order payment is overdue or has not credited.



  • Customer Invitation: Send this email in the "Customer Details" to convert the customer to sign up as a member.

  • Successful Registration: The customer will receive the email after a successful registration.


2. Setting Instructions

Go to [Settings] > [Notifications], next to "Customer Notifications" under "Orders", you can click on the type of notification you wish to edit to begin the editing process. mceclip1.pngmceclip2.png

3. Instructions

Step 1. Click on the notification content, like "Order Confirmation", to enter the editing page. mceclip4.png

Step 2. Upload the logo image in the "Brand logo" column.mceclip5.png

*Note: You can preview the email on the right-hand side. mceclip7.png

Step 3. You can modify the email title and contents, as well as select dynamic texts including "Order number", "Customer name", "Store name", and "Forgot password". (You may also add a Tracking Number in your email notifications for customers to track the logistic status of their orders)mceclip8.png

Step 4. When you modify the button text, they can also change the button color and button text color by clicking on the color index.


Step 5. Insert the email for customer service.mceclip10.png

Step 6. When you have modified all the information, click Update at the bottom right to preview the customized content on the right of the page.mceclip11.png

Step 7. You can preview the notification content on the right of the editing page.mceclip12.png






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