Customize checkout forms, fields, and payment security information (Checkout Settings)

This article will be covering the following: 


1. Settlement Form Option

Customise the additional information when customers enter settlement forms.

1. Full Name

Enter your first and last name: Aligned with Asian customs
Enter your first and last name separately: Aligned with European/American customs
Enter your first and last names separately-middle name optional: Aligned with European/American customs. Reduces the amount of fields needed to be filled in.
2. Address line 2 (apartment building, unit, etc.)
You can set it as optional to reduce the number of fields needed to be filled in.
3. Recipient's mobile phone number
You can set this as Hide, Optional or Required.
4. Billing Address
Check the box to set the recipient's address as the billing address, otherwise the customer will need to enter the billing address again. Normally the customer can add a new billing address. 

2. Check-out custom field

If the default checkout information is insufficient, you may define additional information that should be collected or informed to customers during check-out to facilitate order fulfilment.

Field Type 1: Items that should be filled in by customers

You can set the "Restrictions on the information filled in" - Required or Not Required and "Method of filling in information" - Drop-down Box or Input box.

Field Type 2: Merchant's Notes

You can also click to modify the custom field. 

Display Effect on Store's Website:



3. Check-out security and trust

The shop's payment security and after-sales guarantee information may be displayed during check-out process in order to improve customers' sense of trust.


Set the payment security message

Payment Security Information: You can customize the displayed title. 

Payment security icon: You can choose the default icon or custom image to display.

Display position of payment security information: You can set the position as displayed on the product details page, in the shopping cart and on the settlement page.

"Learn about display effect":

After-sales guarantee information

You can customize the after-sales guarantee information to your customers.







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