Order Cancellation or Return

Customers may encounter the issue where they need to cancel an order because they forgot to enter their coupon code, selected the wrong product variation(s), or added other products after the order had been placed. When merchants enable this feature, customers can directly find that order and cancel it by logging into the member center.


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1. Introduction

Merchants can activate "automatic cancellation of timed-out orders", so the unpaid orders within a specified time will be canceled automatically.

Merchants can activate "customers initiate return", so merchants do not have to handle the return manually in the Admin, customers can apply for the return of products on the store's website. Besides, it will be time-saving for merchants and customers to inspect the returning products upon receiving and check the inspection results on the store's website.


2. Set up

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Orders]> [Cancel the order or unsubscribe]


3. Feature Application

A. Automatic cancellation of timed-out orders

There are two ways to use the "Automatic cancellation of timed-out orders" feature.

  • One is fixing a time-out period: Merchants can custom a rule to cancel orders automatically after a specific number of hours (e.g. 96 hours). The time period must be greater than 72 hours.
  • Another one is setting a time-out period according to the payment method.


B. Customer Actively Cancel Orders

If merchants enable the "Customer actively cancel orders" feature, customers can cancel orders by logging into the Member Center on their own (unavailable to partial payment methods)

Customers will not have permission to cancel their orders if the feature is not enabled.


C. Allow Customers to Initiate Return

When merchants select "Customers are allowed to initiate returns", customers can ask for a return at the store. If "Refund to the original payment account" is selected, products can only be returned to the origin place. Other store locations will not be available for return.

If merchants have established their warehouses overseas, please not select the original "Refund to the original payment account". The option "Return requests must be viewed by the merchant" means that the customer's application must be verified and approved by the merchant before returning the products. Merchants can also set the returning time limit (for xx days) after signing for acceptance so that the returning service will be hidden automatically for time-out products.


4. [Customers end] Order cancellation or return 

Customers can go to the "Orders" section in the Member Center. Go to the order detail page and find the "CANCEL THE ORDER" button at the bottom of the page. Click the button to apply for cancellation or returning/refund.




5. [Merchants end] Arrangements for cancellation or return

Go to [Orders] > [Order List]. Select "Customer canceled" in the "Order Status" drop-down menu, then you can find the orders that customers have canceled/returned/refunded.


Click the order to check the detail, find the "Refund" button. Select "Refund to the original payment account" and complete the rest of the process. 






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