Customer's Account and Contact Information

Merchants can decide whether the customers need to log in to the account while shopping, there are three options:

1. Both the visitors and members can purchase - Customers can check out either by logging into the account or as a visitor

2. Only the visitors can purchase - Customers check out as a visitor without logging in 

3. Only the member can purchase - Customers must log into an account to purchase 


To set up, please refer to the following: 




Customer's contact information

Select the contact details used by your customers while checking out and receiving information update.

1. Customers can only check out via email: Enter only the email in the contact information column.

2. Customers can check out via email address or mobile phone: Enter email or mobile phone numbers in the contact information column.


Merchants are required to activate the registration via mobile phone number before using this function.

Once enabled, customers will be able to see column such as below during checkout:


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