Create an Order

Merchants can create online orders for offline and other types of transactions so as to manage them more quickly.

Log in to SHOPLINE Admin > [Orders] and click Create Order



*Notes: Content box that are highlighted in red are necessary, please enter the customer information (including recipient's address), product information, logistics information (including shipping fee) and payment method.

This article will be covering the following: 

1. Customer Information

Create A New Customer

1. Click [Create orders] > [Create new customer] to enter the edit page for customer information.

2. Once you have entered the customer's information and click "Add", the system will automatically update customer's information and the shipping address for the order.


Select A Customer

If you have created a customer, and you want to create another order for them, you can enter the customer details in the search column under "Select a customer" to find them. 


2. Product Information

Search for the product in the search column, click Browse products to choose from published products of the store or click Custom product to create a temporary product for the order. 
*Note: An order must include one product (or a variant of it)

  • Each order must contain a minimum of 1 product
  • You can use this feature to: 
    • Search for products
    • Click the "Browse products" button to filter published products
    • Or click "Custom product" to create a product just for this order 


3. Delivery Method

Click the drop-down menu to select from your configured methods and choose the delivery (pickup) address and logistic service. The system will filter for all unsupported routes and plans of the current order. You can select SHOPLINE logistics service or customize your own. SHOPLINE will record and calculate the shipping fee according to the information you have entered. 

*Note: Available when you have entered a valid recipient's address. 


4. Payment Method

Once you check the box for "Mark as unpaid", you can select your choice of payment method. 


5. (Optional) Custom Discount Amount

  • You can add a discount for a customer while you create their order 
  • You can choose the campaign name or customize it.
  • You can offer a discount for your customers by directly entering the amount. 


6. Order Summary

  • The total price will be calculated by the entered cost of each item.


7. Generate Orders

  • After editing the order information, you can click Create order (located on both the upper right and bottom right of the page) to complete the procedure.
  • Created orders will be displayed and can be checked in [Order management] > [Order list].






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