Customer Management

Feature Introduction

It is used for daily management of in-store customers:

  • It provides basic user search, export and import functions
  • You can add tags, remarks, or add users to a blacklist, and other actions
  • You can view the detailed data of a specific user (basic information + account information + order information)

1. Path

Log in to SHOPLINE Admin > [Customers]. mceclip0.png


2. Instructions

Customer search

  • Basic search
    • Filter conditions: Username/Mobile phone number/Email
    • Email subscription status: subscribed/Not subscribed
    • Customer status: Active account/Disabled/To be enabled/Received activation email
    • Search tagsmceclip3.png
  • More Filter




Customer List

  1. Merchants can view customers' basic information: Username, Membership status, Region, Subscription Status, Number of Orders, and Total Spent.mceclip8.png
  2. Click on the row to enter customer details.
  3. Tick the checkbox at the header of the list to set customer tags in bulk.mceclip9.png


Customer Details

Description of Customer Management Fields:

  1. Customer's basic information: Username, Gender, Sign-up status, Sign-up source, Last sign-in time, Mobile phone number, Email, Customer's language, Birthday, Preferred channel to receive promotions, Label, and Remarks.
  2. Customer's blacklist status: normal or blacklisted. Merchants can manually add the customer to blacklist. (Blacklisted customers will not be able to log in, comment, or shop)
  3. Customer orders: Total number of orders, Total purchase, Average order value, details of the last 5 orders (Product, Order number, Order date, Order status, Total)
  4. Customer's tag: Tag your current customer with keywords. A maximum of 20 tags are allowed for a single customer. Merchants can add or remove the tag.
  5. Shipping Information: Display the shipping address set by the customer.






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