In-site news: online shop information and order information

In-site messages include online store messages and order messages, that is, messages left by customers in the online store.


Shop Message

1. How can customer leave a shop message in your online shop?

2. Deal with the Shop Message

3. How can customer check the reply from the merchant?


Shop Message

1. How can customer leave a shop message in your online shop?

Shop message is the message left by the customer in your online shop. You may find them under [Member Log in] > [Message].



2. Deal With the Shop Message

All the messages left by customers will be displayed in the Shop message section. Go to Admin Panel > Message Center > View your messages. Unread messages will be marked with red numbers which represents the amount of unread messages. The sorting order is in reverse chronological order, sorted from the newest message to the oldest message so that you can view the latest message quickly. Currently, it only supports locating member chats through email search.


Click on any message to view all three sections.

  • The message list on the left will show the customer's profile photo, nickname and the latest message with its sending time. When you click on a message, the customer's chat window and customer's basic information will be displayed on the right.
  • The chat dialogue window will show all the contents of the chat between you and your customer. It supports sending texts, emojis and images to customers.
  • If the customer is not registered as a member, it will show the customer's status as visitor. You can register customers as members by entering their phone and email information. After becoming a member of your shop, you can add tags and notes to the member. At the same time, the system will automatically display all historical orders of the customer. You can click the order ID to view the order details.Screenshot_2022-04-06_at_10_24_01_AM.png


3. How can customer check the reply from the merchant?

Customers will receive your reply through two platforms: email or the store's website.

  • Email Notification

In the mailbox, customers will receive an email with your reply. Customers can click "Reply" to enter the message section of the store membership page, where they can view the information and reply to the message.

Note: Customers will receive the notification emails from your [Shop recipient email]. If you want to change it, please go to "Settings" > "Basic settings" > "Basic shop information" to make changes.


  • Member page view

After logging in to the member account in the store, customers can view all chat records in the Message section.


Order Message

The order message is the information sent by the customer on the order page, which is generally the message related to the consultation order.


1. How do customers leave a message for an order

After placing an order, customers can view all orders by clicking on the email link or directly logging in to the member page. After clicking any order, there is a contact information prompt of the customer service mailbox at the bottom (Figure 2), and the customer can directly send the order message to the mailbox. (Click to view the customer service email setting tutorial)



2. Process the order message


After clicking "Order Information", you will see all order information. Click on any order message, the chat record of the order and the customer's information will appear on the right.

After entering the order message reply page, you can click the order number on the upper right corner to view the order information, which will help you get the information you need to reply to the message quickly. Click "Reply" to edit your reply message and send it to the customer. At the same time, you can add remarks to the order processing and message processing performed, so that you and other colleagues can refer to and view other information about the order in the future.


3. How customers receive responses

  • Email alert

In the mailbox, the customer will receive an email with your reply. Customers can click "Reply" to enter the "Order" section of the store membership center, where they can view and reply to information.


Note: For the information reminder email received by the customer, the sender's email address is your "Store Receive Email". To change, please go to "Settings" > "Basic Settings" > "Store Basic Information" to make changes.

  • Member Centre

After logging into the member account in the store, customers can view all chat records in the "Order" section (Order) of the member center.


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