Site Navigation

Site navigation can be placed at the top or footer of the store. Through the navigation settings, you can place selected items in the store, such as online store pages, product categories, and even other external links in the navigation. , so that customers can quickly find the page they want to go to through the items in the navigation.


1. Setting Instructions:

Go to SHOPLINE Admin, click [Online Store], select [Navigation] > "Create the navigation" to set the menu.



2. Edit Navigation:

Click the icon next to the name to modify the navigation name, there is no limit to the main directory and the block at the footer, which can be customized. Each page in the navigation can be edited individually or deleted.



3. Add menu item:

Under "Add menu item", you can add:

  • Online store page: display the pages in the store that have been created in the page management in advance
  • Product Category: Display products under a certain category
  • External links: direct links to other websites, such as Facebook pages, blogs, etc.



4. Edit menu item:

You can set the directory and order of the online store in the background > "Navigation", and change the order of the pages by dragging and dropping.



Secondary directory:

You can set up a secondary directory for your online store to display more information.

Press the "arrow" to the right of the directory item to turn the item into a secondary item of the previous item, such as:



Set up a three-level directory:

There is an extra right arrow in the second layer of the directory. After clicking, it can be moved to the third layer. In addition, the directory can also be moved to the third layer by dragging.


In the same way, if you need to restore to the secondary directory, click the "arrow" to the left.


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