Copy shop


You can copy specific products, store theme, settings of tax rate and shipping fees to one or more selected stores by one click. This feature can help to you build your store in a fast and easy way.


Settings Instructions

1. Log in to your account > Enter the Multi-shop Management page > click "copy data".

2. If you own two or more stores (at least one of them has been completed the store settings), you can find the copy button on the listed store which has the completed settings.


Function operation description:

Copy the product data of store A to store B:

1. Store A: The copied store

2. Store B: Store receiving data

3. Commodity: Data to be copied


Product Categories




Created Products

Copy the created products to other shops, includes products both on shelves and removed from the shelves. Please note that copied products will be sold with currencies in the new shop, and the price will not be calculated with exchange rates.

e.g. Product A sells 1 USD in the shop A, and it will be sold as 1 EURO in the shop B if it is copied to that shop.

Product Categories

Select created products and their related categories to other shops.

Product Review

Select created products and their related reviews to other shops.


Current Theme

Copy shops's current theme settings to other shops.

Historical Theme

Copy shop's historical theme settings to other shops.

Custom pages

Copy the custom pages in shop's website management section to other shops.

One-page shops

Copy shop's one-page shop settings to other shops.

Menu navigation

Copy specific website navigation to other shops.

Shop Settings

Copy shop's consuming and shipping taxes to other shops.

Copy shop's consuming and shipping taxes to other shops.

Shipping settings

Copy specific shop's shipping settings to other shops, the former settings of other shops will be covered and replaced.

Logistic settings

Copy specific shop's logistics settings to other shops.

Return settings

Copy specific shop's return settings to other shops.

Staff permissions



Copy store staff account data of the selected shop to the receiving store (i.e: Name, Email, Permission, etc). Store manager information cannot be copied.


Please note: Once copied, data of the staff account of receiving store will be replaced.



1. Select the copied store:


2. Select the store to receive the data:


3. Tick data you want to copy:


4. There will be the copy notifications at the top of multi-shop management page during the copying process, they will disappear when the process ends.

mceclip0.png*Note: Please do not refresh the page during the copying process. The transfer time varies depending on the size of the store content. Please wait patiently.

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