Use Pictures from the Image Library

Method 1: Get Image link

After pictures are uploaded to the picture library, an image link will be generated automatically for each picture in SHOPLINE Admin Panel for you to use the link to insert a picture.



Step 1. Search pictures in the picture library

Enter the image name or keywords contained in the image name in the search box, and then click the search icon, or press the Enter key on the keyboard to search for the corresponding picture. 


Note: System only supports having single-word searches at the moment, in either capital or small letters.



Remove search word:

Click the "x" icon under the search box to remove search resultsmceclip1.png


Step 2. Click the copy icon on the right side of each picture to copy image link, you may paste or share the image URL to a desired platform. mceclip2.png


Method 2: Select pictures from the [Image Library] on corresponding edit page

For example, you could choose the images you uploaded in [Image Library] as product image:


Click the "Select images from the Image Library" button in [Product image/video] box while editing an product in admin panel > [Product management] mceclip3.png


Step 2. Select one or more pictures from the pop-up window, and click the "OK" button to insert images.

Note: The text displayed below the picture here is the ALT attribute of the picture you saved. If you did not set the ALT attribute for the picture, the picture name will be displayed.







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