SHOPLINE Plan Pricing and Purchase Process

SHOPLINE Plan Pricing

Plan pricing can be found at the plan pricing section in SHOPLINE website and Settings > Plan > Choose Plan in SHOPLINE Admin.



SHOPLINE supports trial before purchasing. New users can register and apply for a 7-day trial, experience the backend operations and build their own trial stores. After 7 days, they can directly purchase a plan from the trial store backend and upgrade to a paid store.

For SHOPLINE plan pricing, see SHOPLINE Plan.


Purchase SHOPLINE Plan

  • On SHOPLINE Admin, Settings > Plan
  • Select a package > Click Choose Plan > Enter package confirmation page > Confirm monthly or annual subscription > Then click Pay to enter payment page and finish the payment.



Direct payment through SHOPLINE Admin is currently supported. See details at Billing.

After payment is completed, the corresponding plan of the store will take effect immediately. If payment fails or runs into an error, you can contact the our online merchant success team. 

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