Creating an Online Store Account in 3 Minutes

Sign up:


Log in: 


Complete the basic information of your online store

After completing the store registration, log in to the Admin of your SHOPLINE store. You will be asked to complete the store information.



1. Your online store address is

Fill in your website URL to create a free website address. It is recommended to name it with your brand name, mainly in English and numbers. Once it is set, the free URL cannot be changed. You can purchase a domain name from a third-party service provider and bind it in the Admin. Common service providers include Alibaba Cloud and Godaddy.


2. Assign a name for your shop

Fill in the website name to facilitate multi-store management and allow operators to distinguish multiple stores.


3. Which is your shop's sales area?

Please accurately select the sales area of your products. This option cannot be changed in the future.


4. What is your expected settlement currency between you and the customer?

Please select the billing currency carefully! Select the currency for transactions on the website. Once the store receives the first order (test order included), the currency cannot be changed.


5. The category of the products you sell

Select the category of products sold in your store. If you are unsure about it, or the products you sell are unable to fit precisely in the existing categories, you can select all categories.


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