Customize Payment Methods

SHOPLINE supports a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, credit card, local payment, etc., and also supports custom payment methods. Merchants can set up a customized payment option for customers who wish to settle payments outside the online store. If customers pay with the customized method, merchants are required to approve their orders before shipment.

If using a custom payment method, you can use the suggested offline payment method, or create a custom offline payment method. SHOPLINE custom payment method is available in two modes: custom payment and cash on delivery.


1. Custom Payment

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payment]. Scroll down to "Custom payment method", click "Add a custom payment method" and select Custom Payment.



In the pop-up window, enter the following two fields:

  • Name of the payment method (Required, customers will see this name on the checkout page)
  • Introduction to the payment method (A brief description or some notes on the payment) Customers will see this when selecting payment methods
    • The text limit is 500 characters.

Click Activate Custom Payment to complete the setting.


2. Cash on delivery 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payment]. Scroll down to "Custom payment method" and select Cash On Delivery.



In the pop-up window, please do the following:

  • Enter the payment method introduction. Customers will see the introduction text when selecting this payment method. The text limit is 500 characters.
  • Check the box for "need payment voucher" if you want customers to send you payment proof.

Remember to click Activate Cash On Delivery at the bottom right of the window to complete the setup.


3. Deactivate custom payment method

If you no longer want to offer a certain type of custom payment, you can deactivate that method at any time. After deactivation, customers will not be able to generate orders with the custom payment method.




4. FAQs

Q1. How many custom payment methods can be set?

A1. There is no limit to creating custom payment methods on SHOPLINE. You can set it according to the actual store condition. For a better customer shopping experience, it is recommended to keep the number of custom payment methods within 5. 


Q2. What should I include to show custom payment methods to customers?

A2. To customize the payment method, you need to enter a payment method name and introduction to the payment method. These two pieces of information will be shown to customers. For a better customer shopping experience, please consider using a precise and concise name, and try to simplify the introduction text. Consider using line breaks to improve the readability of the content. 



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