Export Orders


To help you ship and pick products, we have launched the feature to export order reports, picking lists, order details and shipping lists on the Orders page.


1. Setup Steps

Step 1

Log in to SHOPLINE Admin > [Orders]. Click [Export the order] > Select the picking list/ shipping list/ order details/ order report you want to download.



Step 2

i. You can specify the range of picking list/ shipping list/ order details/ order report to export yourself.


Current page = all orders in this page

Order date = orders within this date range

Selected order = the order that has been selected in this page (the store owner needs to check the required order in the order page)



2. Shipping List and Order Details Description

The shipping list and order details will record the detailed information of the order. In addition to being used by the store to pick the product, they can also be attached to the products to send to the consumer, so that the consumer can see the items they purchased. So what's the difference between the two?

A. Shipping List

Provides only the necessary information for picking and shipping product. The page of the shipping list is concise and hides relevant information of the subscriber and provides the necessary information of the recipient only. 

B. Order Details

Provides more complete order information. In addition to the information contained in the shipping list, it also includes the store logo, order status, payment status, customer information, product images, order information and so on. If multiple discounts are applied to the order, they will be displayed one by one.


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