Flash Sales


Flash Sales promotion is a marketing campaign which can make the merchant sell in a large quantity of products within a short period. But you may need to do some preparations if you think that there might be a peak for the checkouts and the checkouts may require you to do so, please start as soon as possible.

Admin panel access :

Log in to store's admin panel  >> apps  >> Flash sales >> create a promotion



Promotion dashboard:

You can view and edit different flash sales promotion with different promotion status through the promotion dashboard.


1. View

  • Promotion Status: enabled, disabled

2. Edit

  • If promotion is not started, you can edit the promotion type, details and delete the promotion.
  • If the promotion is ongoing, you can delete the promotion but you can't modify the type.
  • If the promotion is over, you can't modify it as the system is restricted by protecting order data in the promotion for any changes.

Create a Flash Sales promotion:

1. Promotion Page Title:

Customer will see the promotion title on the checkout page. 

Notes: If you setup in admin panel > settings > language > set Browser language redirect, storefront will display with the translate language of shopper's browser or you turn on the s
tore language selector; shopper can choose their preferable language. Or else store's language will be set as default.


2. Promotion Time:

Set the starting time. System will set the starting time as the beginning of the next hour, you can adjust the time if you want to set the starting date. Please note that the promotion time is set according to the timezone you set in your store's admin panel, and the promotion time can be set at 30 days at maximum.


3. Promotion Restriction:

  • Unlimited: There's no amount limit for buying the product
  • Limit the purchase quantity: Set restriction for each user for the amount of buying your product(set 1 by default, you can edit manually)
  • Don’t allow to apply multiple discounts to an order: Promotion products can't be combined with other offers/ promotions/ campaign.



4. Select products:

  • Product categories: All products of designated categories in your store.




  • Search by product name: Search the specific product in your store.


  • Each page supports for displaying 10 lines of data and it is available for selecting all lines then delete one by one; exceeded lines will be displayed on another page. When selecting the data, you can choose to set the promotion price, discount, amount of promotion products and their variants; you can also set different offers for variants.




5. Search Engine Optimization setting:

Page title: You can give a brief introduction about the promotion, discounts, promotion products of this time. You can also configure the language packages for this promotion to enter the introduction with different languages, the characters are limited within 320.


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