Login/Registration Settings


SHOPLINE merchants can enable customers to sign into their stores via email, mobile number, or third-party channels (like Facebook or LINE). This article will guide merchants on how to set up customers' sign-up or sign-in methods.



In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Customers].


Set up process

  • On the [Settings] page, click [Customers] to enter the interface
  • Check the box for the sign up / sign in method that you would like to allow your customers to use, as well as if verification is required upon registration. 
  • Email would be the default information needed for account sign in and sign up



  • Once the mobile number or email sign up / sign in method has been selected, it cannot be cancelled. As there will be data generated for the customers, cancelling the settings will cause the customer to be unable to sign in / sign up.
  • The authentication procedure is set as inactive by default.
  • When it is activated, the customer will be required to enter the verification code to complete the sign up via their mobile phone number/email.





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