Local Shipping Setup Guidelines

Support merchants to set up local delivery and provide delivery services for local customers. Choosing where to provide local delivery services, which regions to provide local delivery services for, and how to display relevant information during customer settlement are important things that you need to determine before the store officially operates locally. Only when local delivery is set up can local customers successfully place orders and pick up.

1. Setting Path

2. Setting Steps

2.1 Setting up for Location

2.2 Edit Local Delivery


1. Setting Path

There are two paths to access the local delivery settings module:

The first type: If your store is a new store, you can enter [Home] > [Shop Opening Guidelines] > [Set delivery Logistics] or [Set delivery method].



The second type: All stores can access this setting through be accessed through [Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Local Delivery]



2. Setting Steps

2.1 Setting up for Location

If you are creating a new store, you need to go to the location settings to edit the location data.

SHOPLINE automatically creates a default address for you. In order not to affect your store performance in the future, please check and modify it first.

To do so, please go to [Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Local delivery > Location setting] or go to [Setting > Location Setting] directly: 



To add/ edit your location

Step 1: Click Add or directly click the Location to be edited


Step 2: Edit relevant location information


Step 3: Click [Add] or [Update]


2.2 Edit Local Delivery

(1) Go to [Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Local Delivery]

(2) Steps to edit Local Delivery options

  • Step 1: Select the corresponding location > [Edit]


  • Step 2: Tick the [Local delivery is available at this location] options


  • Step 3: Fill in the delivery area information


Please note:

1.  One location supports up to 5 delivery areas

2. In a delivery area, the tier setting in order conditions supports up to three price ranges


3.Postal code matching rules:

  • Input information cannot be empty 


  • The same area cannot have the same zip code
  • To include a set of postal codes, you need to add an asterisk (*) after the character that indicates the beginning of the range. For example: enter 511* to cover postal codes starting with 511


(3) Add/remove co-location areas

  • Click [Add Delivery Area] > fill in the relevant information


  • [Delete] operation is supported as well, please refer to the position of the red box in the image below for details.



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