Tiktok Business Plugin Introduction

Tiktok Business Plugin is an official Tiktok For Business and SHOPLINE collaboration plugin. By using Tiktok Business Plugin, you will be able to quickly connect SHOPLINE stores to Tiktok For Business.


Attention: Due to Tiktok's policy, the Tiktok Business Plugin is not yet available for businesses with IPs in China(including Mainland China、Hongkong and Taiwan). If you are in the region, please use the same type of plugin "Tiktok marketing" first. Thank you for your understanding!


Merchants in these three IP regions who wish to access the Tiktok Business Plugin should switch their IP to a region other than Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong before using the plugin


1.Associated SHOPLINE store and Tiktok Business Plugin

2.Switch the connection of TT4B assets

3.Manage TT4B assets



1.Associated SHOPLINE store and Tiktok Business Plugin

Step 1: After the plugin is installed, please click the "Connect Now" button. After you click it, you can enter the Tiktok Business plugin Onboarding page




Step 2: Connect your Tiktok Business Center, Tiktok Ad Account, Tiktok Pixel, and Tiktok Catalog on the Onboarding page.


Attention: Only "non-agent created" ad accounts are allowed to be bound in the Business Plugin. Ad accounts created through proxies will fail to bind.




Step 3: After all assets are connected, click "Finish Setup" to complete the connection between SHOPLINE stores and TIKTOK For Business assets.


2.Switch the connection of TT4B assets

If you want to change the connected asset after all assets are connected, you can click the "Switch Connection" button in the main interface of the plug-in to jump to the Onboarding page again to finish the connection switching.




3.Manage TT4B assets

After connecting all the Tiktok For Business assets in Europe, you can jump to the asset management page of Tiktok For Business by clicking the "Edit Assets" button on the main screen of the plugin. In this page, you can perform the following operations.


(1) Check the connection status of assets, product synchronization status, ad placement status, etc.

(2) Top up your ad account

(3) Jump to Tiktok's business center and ad account management center

(4) Quickly create ads

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