B2B & Wholesale Solution-Customize the Consumer Registration Form

Feature Introduction

B2B & Wholesale Solution (Abbreviated as B2B) provides customized customer registration forms, allowing merchants to set the information that consumers must provide when registering for membership based on business scenarios.Consumers will submit their registration details based on the configured registration form, after which the B2B application will automatically create a customer with an “Not subscribed” status. Merchants can review the information of “Not subscribed” customers and send them activation emails in [SHOPLINE - Customers - Customer Detail Page]. Once received the activation email and configured the password, they can become a member of the shop.


  • To run this feature properly, please do not change any configuration at [Apps >> About >> App proxy].
  • Please do not use streak-free mode to view custom registration pages.


Customize the Customer Registration Page

The current membership registration process via "email" and "mobile" does not satisfy B2B business scenarios for developing shop membership. Thus, the B2B app supports merchants to customize their registration pages, configuring more personalized fields for users applying to become shop members to fill in.

You can enable the custom registration page feature by the following process:

  • [B2B B2B & Wholesale Solution → Settings → Customer Visit → Customize the customer registration]

Once enabled the custom registration page, When a custom registration page is enabled, the page will automatically jump to the registration page when users click on the 'sign up' button in the SHOPLINE online shop, or when they use other functions that require a login.


Note: If other plugins provide a registration portal, the corresponding registration portal will redirect to the SHOPLINE shop's registration page.


Set up Registration Form

You can customize the customer registration form through the following process

  • [B2B B2B & Wholesale Solution → Settings → Customer Visit → Customize the customer registration → Set up registration form]


You can add content, configure content type, choose whether it's necessary, and set other attributes to enrich your shop's customer profile.

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