How To Add and Operate POS Sales Channels in SHOPLINE?

Table of Content 

  1. Open sales channels

  2. Link a store for offline sales

  3. Add store staffs

  4. Other settings



1. Open Sales Channels 

Method 1: Search for "POS" in the Shopline App Store, and click [Use now]



Method 2: Add [POS] to your sales channels on your admin panel.



2. Link a store for offline sales

Whether does your company have a physical store (permanent location) or is currently planning to open a temporary store at markets and exhibitions, adding a store to your POS is an essential step.

To do so, you would need to select a location from your existing list of Location to use as a POS store, or you would need to create on if you are yet to have any location set up. You may refer to the steps as below (Please refer to Step 1 if you have not set up for a store location, start with Step 2 if you have already set up for store location)  :


Step 1. Add a Store Location of your store.

Navigate to [Settings > Location]: 


Click to add a location:


Once done, you should be able to see the list of available locations on the list:



Step 2: Create a store on your POS channel

Navigate back to [Channel > POS > Overview] and click [Create a store]:


A list of locations you have set will appear in a pop-up window, can you may select the locations you desire and click [Confirm]:



3. Add Store Staffs

A. Import Staffs

To add the first staff of your store, you may navigate to [POS > Staff] and click [Import Staff] to continue: 


B. Staff management

Select [Staff] from the administrator list, and select the POS role [StoreManager/ Cashier/ Cashier (restricted)] for your staff respectively.

If you have already added multiple stores, you can add permissions for staffs to different stores.

Note: One staff can manage multiple stores at the same time and have different roles in different stores. (To do so, you would have to add store management role for the staff again on different accounts)



You may also click [Display Permissions] to view the permissions allowed for each roles: mceclip12.png



C. About PIN code

PIN code is the identity verification of each staff, which is used to verify POS login or role verification.

You can create it for your staffs or choose to generate it randomly. Please ensure that staffs save the PIN code accordingly. 


4. Other settings

Payment method setting

When operating offline, customers would need to purchase products or services from you through a specific payment method. Therefore, it is required for you to select the corresponding payment method in the POS APP to collect payment.

Note: You would need to add your payment method prior through [Settings > Payments > Add a custom payment method], and please include "cash".




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