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[POST Sales] feature allows merchants to apply keyword comments (i.e: Comment A1 or +1) feature to a Facebook or Instagram Post. 

System will proceed to add products and send out add to cart message after customers comment keywords under a post for their convenience to proceed checkout.


In this article, we will be introducing POST Sales feature as follow: 

1. General Settings

To admin panel > [Channel] > [POST Sales] > [General Settings]

Product Keywords

Allow merchants to manage product keyword and order placement rules.

Message Template

Allow merchants to pre-customize message content for post sales.



2. Create POST Sales

Step 1

To admin panel > [Channel] > [POST Sales] > [Create Post Sales]



Step 2

Select channel and post sales type.

  • Select channel:
    • Facebook (Fan Page)
    • Instagram
  • Select post sales type:
    • Keyword Order Sales: Customers can place an order by leaving a keyword comment (multiple product sales per post)
    • + 1 Live Sales: Customers can leave a comment of "+1" under the post to place an order (1 product sale per post)Screenshot_2022-06-14_at_1.20.52_PM.png


Step 3

Connect post on Facebook/Instagram

SHOPLINE supports having keyword comment feature connected to an authorized Facebook or Instagram post. 


Please be noted that each post is allowed to connect with ONE post sale only. System will end the original post sale that's connected to the social post, and proceed to connect the current post sale should you choose to connect with same social post.E659CA46-456F-4EFA-B91E-49181D6B883D.png


Step 4

Click [Select Products] or [Add Product] to link the product(s) you would like to promote in the post.



Step 5


  • Order Rules
    • Lock Inventory: SHOPLINE supports having merchants set product reserved period for a POST saleScreenshot_2022-06-14_at_1.48.39_PM.png
  • Schedule
    • SHOPLINE supports having merchants set the start and end time of the POST sale.Screenshot_2022-06-14_at_1.48.51_PM.png
  • Message Settings
    • SHOPLINE supports having merchants customize the [Add to Cart] and [Auto-reply] message for a POST saleScreenshot_2022-06-14_at_1.49.09_PM.png



3. Post management

To admin panel > [Channel] > [POST Sales] > [Recent Posts], click a post to enter detail page


On detail page, click [Manage comments]


Merchants would be able to check on data such as total amount of comment(s) in the post, total order(s) made from this post, and more.

Merchants are also able to check on customers' comments, filter out messages with keyword, search a comment or customer.



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