Google Login Settings

You will be able to setup Google login with the guide provided. 

3. Setup

1. Introduction
Google login allow shoppers to fill up login info email and name via voice command. Fast, smooth & easy login experience. 

With google login, your can achieve:

  • Better customer experience: You can bind your shop member account with their google account, to better identify and proceed better CRM.
  • Consolidate cross platform customer info: Consolidate cross platform customer's behaviour in one.

2. Settings Entry

Admin Panel Entry:「settings」-「Customer Login」-「Sign in to online store through third party」


Click「Link」, in the pop out window you will need to key in「App ID」and「App Secret」, get it from your Google Cloud account.


3. Setup

1. To get the App ID & App Secret: 

Go to login to your Google Cloud account


2. Click APIs & services > ''(OAuth consent screen)” > add


Choose User Type: External, click create


3. Key in App name & email 


4. Go to Edit app registration click save and continue 


5. Go to test users page and save and continue 


6. Click back to dashboard


7. Click credentials > create credentials > OAuth client ID 


8. Application type choose ''Web application'' 

1. Authorized JavaScript Origins:key in your website URL link

2. Authorized redirects URIs:key in sign in page link

  • Your sign in page link:Your website URL add “/user/signIn” at the back
  • Example:
    • Website URL:
    • Your sign in page link:
  • If you are using custom domain name, please add your domain name and “/user/signIn” at the back
  • Example:
    • Your custom domain:
    • Your sign in page link:

3. Click create


9. Get the ''Your Client ID'' & ''Your Client Secret'' 

  • Your Client ID = App ID
    Your Client Secret = App Secret 


10. Click OAuth consent screen and publish 

  • Click publish app button and confirm in the pop out window. 



11. Setup complete 

After setup above, you can paste the ''Your client ID'' & ''Your client app'' in your SHOPLINE admin panel to complete the setup, and your customers can start to use google to login.

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