How to insert inquiry form to homepage or landing page


B2B & Wholesale Solution app provides merchant variant type of inquiry form for merchants convenience to collect info from customers. For more details of the type of inquiry service, please refer to B2B & Wholesale Solution.


In this article, we will guide you to insert inquiry form to a homepage or landing page.


  • To [B2B & Wholesale Solution] app > [Inquiry display], click the copy button to copy the form ID   3FC7EC0D-9578-4736-A1DE-AE32BB2E071F_4_5005_c.jpegOr copy the ID on form edit pageScreenshot_2022-06-14_at_2.51.12_PM.png


  • Once you get the ID ready, may proceed to [Scenes] and choose the desire page and insert the form mceclip0.png


  • Click [Add component] > [Apps] > Choose the desire type of component to insert the form



Inquiry Form (Form will be display directly in the page for customers to submit)iShot_2022-05-10_22.59.15.png

Inquiry-Single Picture (Form will be display when customers click on the button)


Inquiry-Graphics (Form will be display when customers click on the button) mceclip2.pngmceclip1.png


  • Fill in the form ID you copied earlier to insert the form to a page > [Finish] > [Save]D0D77596-66C8-42B9-AE73-D7A1A3F746D2.png
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