Deleting customer data

You are able to send request to SHOPLINE for customer's personal data deletion. Included customer's information: name, address, email address, IP address, credit card info etc. 

1. Setting Instructions

2. Important Notice


1. Setting Instructions

  • Admin panel > customers > click into any of the customer name > enter customer details page.


  • In customer details page, on the bottom right corner you will see delete personal data section > click delete personal data.


  • After clicking delete, customer's data will be deleted from your shop in 10 days (buffer time). During this period of time, if you change your mind (within 10 days) , you may click "Cancel Request". 



2. Important Notice

2.1 The information displayed after deletion of personal data

In customer management page:

  • Customer name become ''-'', customer name, email and mobile number, phone number will be deleted 
  • Customer's address will be empty 
  • Subscription status: unsubscribed 
  • Customer tags and remark will be remained
  • Customer order data will be remained, as the information is important for business finance account management 

2.2 Impact of personal data deletion 

  • Customer data will be remained in the customer management page, however sensitive information would not be displayed
  • Cannot search with sensitive information 
  • Customer would not be able to get the shop subscription notification 
  • Customer login and ''user does not exist'' will be prompted
  • Customer can re-register a new account and form a new account ID, however old data would not merge with new account data
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