Wishlist User Guide

After you create a wish list in the SHOPLINE background, customers can add products to the wish list on the product list page and detail page, so that they can quickly view the products and place orders quickly. You can view the data through the Wish List app, adjust the inventory according to the number of items in the Wish List collection, estimate and replenish the inventory in time, etc. The wish list can also meet your needs for different scenarios, and send email notifications to recall customers to increase conversion rates.


1. Use and remove Wishlist

1.1 Wishlist entrance

1.2 Remove Wishlist

2. Overview

3. Customise Wishlist button

4. Email notification


1. Use and remove Wishlist

1.1 Wishlist entrance

There are two paths to enter the settings of the wish list:

(1) If you have not added the Wishlist app, you can install it in [Apps] > [App Store] > [Wishlist]. After installation, you can find the Wishlist in "My App"




(2) If you have added Wishlist as "My Apps", you can enter it in [Apps] > [My Apps] > [Wishlist]


1.2 Remove Wishlist

  • If you want to remove Wishlist, you can delete it in [Apps] > [My Apps] > [Wishlist]. When you hover your mouse over the Wishlist, you can see the delete button, click to confirm the deletion.
  • When you delete the Wishlist in My App, the app is closed, customers will not be able to add items to the Wish List in the store, and you will not be able to view the Wishlist app or access its features in the background.
  • You can open the Wishlist again at any time after closing it, and the original data will be retained.


2. Overview

On the Overview page of the Wishlist app, you can see specific usage data for your wishlist, as well as top products and popular variants in your wishlist.

(1) Data overview

  • You can see the specific data of the number of users, order volume, total sales, average order value, conversion rate, order ratio, and sales ratio on the page


  • You can view the trend of the wishlist usage data in the time dimension through the line graph. The line chart displays the number of users by default, which changes according to the selection of the above four indicators (number of users, order volume, total sales, and average order value).


(2) View popular products and variants

  • From this page, you can view the most popular products and popular variants that have been included in the wishlist, the ranking of the product, the number of people who have added it to their wishlist, and the availability status.


3. Customise Wishlist button

You can customise the Add Wishlist button at the Customise Appearance page.

(1) Display at the header

  • You can set the icon style of the entry of the wish list in the store, and preview the style effect through the preview image on the right


(2) Display on the product listing page

  • You can set the icon style, icon color and display position displayed on the product list page, and preview the style effect through the preview image on the right


(3) Display on the product details page

  • You can set the icon style, button color, and display button text displayed on the product detail page. At the same time, you can choose whether to display the number of people added to the wishlist. You can preview the style effect through the preview image on the right


(4) Update your customisation

  • When you have finished customising, click "Update" and your changes will be applied to the homepage.


4. Email Notification

On the Email Notification page, you can choose whether to send emails to users who use Wishlist according to different scenarios.

  • Check the box to choose whether to send an email to users when the product is about to be sold out, when the product is replenished, or when the price of the product changes.


  • Hover your mouse and click Edit to enter the email settings page


  • You can edit the email content on the email settings page, including: brand logo, email title, email content, button text, button colour, button text colour, and email signature. You can preview the changes on the right. 


  • After completing the email content settings, click "Update" in the lower right corner of the page to apply the email content settings to the push email


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