Add a flash sales campaign to the homepage

You can add flash sales to your homepage to increase exposure for your events. Go to [Apps] > [Flash Sales] to set up your event. 


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Flash Sale entrance

There are a total of 3 paths to add a flash sales to the homepage

1. [Flash Sales] > [Banner] > [SHOPLINE Editor]

When you enter the flash sales plugin, you will see a banner related to the new function above the activity list, click the blue font "SHOPLINE editor" in the banner, you can jump to the home page editor, and add the flash sales module to the homepage.

Note: After you click the close button of the banner, the banner will no longer be displayed.


2. [Flash Sales] >  [Create a promotion]

When you create a campaign, you will see a prompt, click "Add to Store Homepage" and you can jump to the homepage editor to add the flash sales module to the homepage.


3. [Flash Sales] > [Promotion Details Page] > [More]

When you click on any row of activities to enter the details page, click "More" and then select "Add to Store Homepage", you can jump to the homepage editor to add modules.



Flash Sale module settings

You can manually add the flash sales module to the homepage in the homepage editor; you can also drag the flash sales module to the position you want to display.

1. Add a Flash Sale card: Add component > Flash Sale card


2. Select a flash sales

When you select a flash sales card, you can preview the card real time in the middle section, and you can select the corresponding flash sale event on the right. After selection, the event products will be displayed in the middle section.


3. Custom Settings

After you select an event, you can make some customization settings, all your settings can be previewed live on the right, and you can configure the following settings on the left

(1) Component title

(2) Choose whether to enable the event countdown

(3) Number of product columns

(4) Button text

(5) Jump link

(6) Button and button text colour

(7) Background style: choose a solid colour background or a picture background

(8) Background colour

4. Set the module location

You can drag the module arrange the display position; at the same time, you can quickly hide/display the module.


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