Airwallex Payment Settings

Airwallex provided credit card payment option, which allows customers to make payment via credit card.

In this article, we will guide you to integrate Airwallex with your SHOPLINE store for customer to choose during check out.


To setup Airwallex payment method, merchants will first need to register an account in Airwallex ( and integrate the payment gateway in SHOPLINE admin panel.



1. Airwallex Payment Settings

After merchants get an Airwallex account ready, please proceed to SHOPLINE admin > [Settings] > [Payment] > [Third-party service providers].mceclip0.png


Choose [Airwallex] > [Select].



Look for the info in your Airwallex account, fill in accordingly > Click [Activate Airwallex] to complete the setup.





Q1: Why do I see a prompt reminder that Airwallex payment is unavailable?


A1: Each channel has strict usage rules, including country, currency, transaction limit, etc. SHOPLINE will determine the validity of the channel in advance based on the store settings and transaction information. When the channel is unavailable, the corresponding payment method will be greyed out and unavailable. Shopline's detection rules mainly include:

  • Whether the current "ship to" country is valid according to the list of countries supported by Airwallex.
  • Whether the current store settlement currency is valid according to the list of currencies supported by Airwallex.
  • Whether the current transaction amount is valid according to the maximum and minimum transaction limits is supported by SHOPLINE.
  • Please note that this limit has covered multiple channels, and there may be inconsistencies between channel rules and that of SHOPLINE. If you have any questions, please contact your Merchant Success consultant. 


Q2: What are SHOPLINE's transaction limit regulations?

A2: Based on SHOPLINE's management standards, the current minimum transaction limit for each  third-party payment service channel is as follows:

    • Supported currencies in integer format: BIF, CLF, DJF, GNF, ISK, JPY, KMF, KRW, PYG, RWF, UGX, VND, VUV, XAF, XOF, and XPF. The minimum transaction limit is $1.
    • The remaining currency bits retain two-digit precision, the minimum transaction limit is $0.10, and there is no maximum transaction limit.


Q3: Matters needing attention for Airwallex Payment Integration.


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