Draft Order

1. Feature introduction

You can draft orders for customers from the SHOPLINE Admin on behalf of them. Order drafts are similar to the orders created by customers themselves. Once you receive payment from the customer, the draft will be converted into an order.


You can use order drafts in the following circumstances: 

1. Receive order payments made by phone, in person, or elsewhere. When you receive a payment for an order draft, an order will be created for that payment in "Orders".

2. Create a custom product to replace additional charges or products not shown in the inventory.

3. Manually recreate orders from any available sales channel.

4. Sell ​​products at discounted or wholesale prices.

5. Save the order as a draft to be edited later. If you save an order as a draft, you can update it later on the "Draft Orders" page through SHOPLINE Admin.


2. Steps to set up 

Create an order draft

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Orders] > [Draft Order]. Click Create Order to enter the order drafting page.


You can create order drafts on behalf of the customers. The draft can include the following information:

  • One or more than one product item
  • Discount offer on the whole order
  • Shipping fee
  • Taxes and fees
  • Customer
  • Note
  • Label


Step 1. Add product item

i. In the "Item" section, you can select to add existing product items or to add custom product items. 

ii. Click Add items to select the product/ variant in the pop-up window. 

iii. In the pop-up window, you can search the product by name, category, or tags. 

iv. Click Reset to cancel the selected product. 

v. Click Add custom items and enter the name, price, and quantity of the custom product in the pop-up window.

vi. Click the Reserve items button if you want to reserve the product added in the draft. In the pop-up window, select the end time for reserving the product. This operation will not adjust the actual inventory in SHOPLINE Admin. 






Step 2. Set up a discount

i. After selecting the product, click Edit discount to add a discount for the entire order. The order discount will be applied to the total order amount.
ii. You can also enter a discount description for future reference.

Step 3. Edit shipping fee

i. If the order needs to be shipped, you can edit the shipping fee. You can choose either "Free shipping" or "Custom shipping".

ii. When you select "Custom shipping", you can enter the logistics service provider and the shipping fee.  

Step 4. Customer information

Selecting or adding customer information is required if you wish to use location-based shipping in the draft.

i. In the "Customer" search box, you can search for existing customers by name or email address. Click on the customer's info to add to the draft order.  

ii. To add a new customer profile, click on the search box and select + Create new customer.

iii. In the pop-up window, enter the first name, last name, email and mobile number of the new customer. 

iv. After selecting an existing customer, you can edit the customer's shipping address and billing address.

v. Click on the "bin" icon to remove the selected customer information and change it to other customers. This action will not delete the customer from the list in the SHOPLINE Admin. 




Step 5. Add order notes and labels

Under the "Customer" section, you can enter notes and labels for the order for quick reference in the future.

Step 6. Change payment status to "Paid"

If you receive the payment for the order, or import previous orders from other platforms to the SHOPLINE Admin, you can mark the orders to "Paid".

Click on an order from the list of draft orders to enter the details page. Modify the payment status by clicking the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. Click Save to confirm the changes. The system will create an order based on the draft.



3. Draft order list

Draft orders, including the open and the completed, can be found in the list on the "Draft Order" page.

In the list, you can delete the draft orders in bulk. Completed draft orders, however, are not available for bulk deletion.






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