In-store Pickup Setup Guide

SHOPLINE supports merchants to set up in-store pickup and provide pickup services for local customers. Merchants can select the warehouse to provide pick-up service and products available for in-store pickup, then show relevant information at checkout.  This is an important setup that you need to configure before the store is officially launched and operated. After setting up in-store pickup, local customers can successfully complete the order and pick up.


In this article, you'll find:


1. Set up shipping and delivery

There are two ways to set up In-store pickup.

Step 1. For new merchants, go to the [Home] > [Shop-opening guidance]. Click Set Delivery to enter the setup page. 


Step 2. For existing merchants, you can go to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery] > [In-store pickup] to setup.



2. Steps to set up

Set up a pickup location

For merchants who have yet to setup a pickup location, please refer to below guidance to setup a location for pickup.


In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Location] >[Add a location].mceclip2.png



Enter location details in the pop-up window > Click Save to complete the location setup. mceclip4.png


Edit in-store pickup location 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Shipping and Delivery]. Go to "In-store pickup" and click Edit next to "Manage pickup by location".mceclip5.png


Step 1. Check the box for "This location supports in-store pickup". mceclip6.png


Step 2. Set up the information to be displayed at checkout.

Select the estimated pickup time in the drop-down menu.mceclip7.png


Step 3. Select the product(s) that is available for in-store pickup. 

Click Add product to select a range of products for in-store pickup. mceclip9.png

You can check the box for "Supports all products" to set all products to be available for in-store pickup. mceclip10.png


Edit or delete pickup location

Go to [Settings] > [Location]. Click on the location to be edited or deleted.


Step 1. Edit the corresponding address details > Click Save to complete the edit. mceclip12.png

OR click Delete to delete this location details.mceclip13.png


Edit or delete products available for in-store pickup

Go to the "Product" section by following the first two steps for editing in-store pickup location.


  • Edit products available for in-store pickup

Click Edit product to reselect the products in the pop-up window. Click OK to save the changes.mceclip14.png


  • Delete products available for in-store pickup

Click the "bin" button to remove the product.mceclip15.png



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