How to Register a Google Maps API Key

You can add a [Map] component to your theme that shows your company's location to increase customers' trust in your store when browsing your online store.

To display the company map in the [Map] component, you need to register a Google Maps API key and fill it in the [Map] component.


Steps to register a Google Maps API key

1. Visit Google Maps Platform


2. Click on [Products] option on the menu to select [Maps], [Routes] or [Places] products


3. Selected the Product that you desire and click [Get started];



4. Create a billing account with Google Maps Platform. Billing account is a requirement in the new Google Maps Platform. For more information, see the Google Maps Platform Pricing and Billing documentation.

5. After enabling Google Maps Platform, go to the [Credentials] page to copy the Google Maps API key to the clipboard.


The Display after the store configures the Google Maps API key


*For more information, please refer to: Getting started with Google Maps Platform

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