Payments | Other payment methods

SHOPLINE provided a greater diversification of payment options for merchants to integrate with, which includes In-house SHOPLINE Payment, Paypal, Stripe to supports Cards or Online payment. If you would like to integrate with more options, you may proceed to SHOPLINE admin panel > [Settings] > [Payments] > [Other payment methods] and setup accordingly.



Please note that there might be a transaction fee charged, depending on the payment gateway you integrate to, you may consult with the parties for more info. 


Frequent Asked Question:

Q: What are the differences between the payment gateway provided in [Third-party service providers] and [Other payment methods]?



Payment gateways provided in [Third-party service providers] mainly support card payments only. The payment gateway provided in [Other payment methods] mainly supports local payments, online bank transfers, and other payment methods that are more specific to locations. One store is supported to have more than one payment method at the same time.

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