Store Preparation Introduction


After purchasing a plan, before the store officially opens, there will be a preparation period. The store preparation period will be set according to the time agreed upon by you and your customer representative.

Before the store preparation period ends, you need to complete the store information and officially activate the store. The package will be automatically activated and billing will start. If the store is not activated after the expiration date, customers will not be able to visit your store despite being billed. So you need to complete the information as soon as possible before it gets activated. If you complete the activation during your store preparation period, the package will start charging at the time of store activation.


1. Store Management

1.1 The Grid Page

If you have stores to be activated, the number of stores to be activated will be displayed on the grid page. You will be reminded of the number and date of packages to be automatically activated soon as well as the shortest remaining time for the packages that have been automatically activated. Click “Active Store” to enter the list page and view the details and perform activation.


1.2 List Page

You can view the store details on the list page of stores to be activated. Stores that are still in the preparation period will show the remaining time of the preparation period, and the stores with expired preparation periods will be charged automatically and show the remaining time of the packages.

For stores whose store preparation period has expired, the package will automatically start charging while customers are still unable to visit your store. You will need to click on “Activate Store” to add information as soon as possible and complete the activation.

For stores that are still in the store preparation period, once you finish the preparation, click "Activate Store" to complete the activation, and the package will start charging when it is activated.


At the same time, you can quickly filter and manage stores by package activation status (active, inactive), package type (paid, trial), and package status (active, expired or invalid).

You can also adjust the order of stores with different filters. By default, they are sorted according to the status of the package e.g. the activated packages will be displayed first. It can also be sorted according to the store preparation period e.g. packages that are not activated will be displayed first.



2. Copy Store

To make it easy for you to copy your stores, you can also copy the configured store information to the store to be activated. Click the tab of the store to be activated, and in the list of stores to be activated below, you can select the target store you want to copy to according to the remaining time of the store preparation period and the remaining time of the package. This will speed up the process of copying the store information.





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