Introduction to Store Admin Homepage

The homepage is the first page you see when you log into your SHOPLINE account. The homepage effectively shows the upcoming tasks, store operations, and key data related to campaigns.


On the homepage, you can:

  1. View daily store data 
  2. Access various tools for store operation


This article will be covering the following: 

1. Quick store set-ups 

When you enter the SHOPLINE Admin for the first time, you can complete the basic tasks of building a website from the homepage. Follow the guide to complete these tasks.

Once all tasks are completed, you can start operating your shop!mceclip0.png


2. Decorate online store

In addition to the basic tasks, the most important thing is to decorate the online store.


Click to jump to the Theme shop, choose a theme, and then follow the steps to decorate. Pleaser refer to article "Shop Design".

After you complete the above tasks, you will be able to see today's store data.


3. Today's dashboard

You will see three core data: mceclip1.png





The sales amount of the day so far

(The amount of successful orders from all channels, including tax, delivery fee, discount and refund amount, including orders from all sales channels)


Number of successful orders of the day so far

(Number of successful orders placed)

Store session

Number of visitors of the day so far

(Session = Visitor = A user's continuous activity over a period of time)


  1. If a visitor clears their cookies or uses an incognito window on the browser, the system will recognize it as a new session because there is no identifier to determine.
  2. The time for counting the data of the day starts from 00:00 in the store's timezone. To change the timezone, please go to [Settings] > [Basic settings].  


A. Order to be shipped

On the homepage, an "Order to be shipped" column would be displayed to help you reduce the chance of missing or late shipments, you may click on the column and direct to pending order page to manage orders. mceclip2.png


B. Store sessions and conversion rate data dashboard mceclip3.png

You can view the number of store sessions today, yesterday, in the past 7 days, and in the past 30 days. 

Conversion rate is the funnel conversion rate of visitors from entering the store to ordering.

Please refer to Overview Dashboard for details of different data. 


C. Weekly traffic channel ranking and best-selling productsmceclip4.png

In this section, you can directly see the main traffic channels and hot-selling products of the store in the previous 7 days. You can quickly grasp the data for store operation analysis and product adjustment.

Please refer to Data Overview for details of different data. 





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