How to connect Facebook Messenger instant chat tool to online store?

Real-time and effective communication on the online store can help customers who have doubts or difficult choices to answer questions, or solve logistics, product use and after-sales problems encountered by customers, which can improve customers' trust and promote customers' willingness to place orders. In this article, we will introduce to you how the most popular Facebook Messenger instant chat tool can be linked to the online store.

1. Enter the FB brand fan page corresponding to the store and find the "Inbox".


2. Click the Inbox icon in the left column menu bar and select the Chat Plugin function.


3. Click Set up to set the chat language, embed the URL, and get the embed code.


4. Copy the embedded code and add a new code to the backstage online store - custom code.


5. After pasting the code, set the live chat placement and trigger page, and note that the code insertion position is at the "bottom".

6. After saving the code, wait for a while for the data to update, and then use the browser to open the front page of the store in incognito mode (to avoid cache effects), and you can see the button of the store's FB Messenger live chat! When customers send messages through live chat, merchants can see customer messages in their FB Messenger. What are you waiting for, go and set it up!


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