How to set automatic discount

Background Introduction:

Support single condition or tier condition discount promotions. Shopper enjoy auto applied discount during checkout. 

Admin panel entry:

Login to admin panel >> Discounts >> Automatic Discounts


Discounts Dashboard:

You may review, check or edit discount with the discount dashboard: 


1. Review & check

  • Status:Active,scheduled or expired.

2. Edit

  • You may edit campaign name, campaign time, applicable products, search engine optimization and promotion page banner before campaign start. 
  • Active or expired campaign are not allow to edit. 

Feature introduction:

1、Campaign name:

  • Support wording, symbols, and emoji


2、Campaign time setting:

You may setup start time and end time. Please take note the start time must be later than current time or future time. End time can set to never expires. The time setting here follow the time zone that you set in admin panel > settings > basic settings > time zone. 


3、Discount settings:

  • Discount type:percentag, fixed amount, discount on nth items, lowest priced item free. All support tier setting.


When you setup percentage, discount will be purchase X amounts or X quantity and enjoy discount Y discount in percentage. 


(2)Fixed amount

When you setup fixed amount, discount will be purchase X amounts or X quantity and enjoy discount Y discount in fixed amount. 


(3)Discount on nth item

When you setup discount on nth item, discount on the product with the lowest price in the shopping cart, if the discount rate is set as 0%, then product price will remain the same.


(4)Lowest price item free

When you setup lowest price item free, when shopper purchase X amount item, the lowest priced item in cart will be free.



Campaign display style: 

4、Applicable products:Screenshot_2022-04-06_at_11.19.24_AM.png

  • All products:All products in the shop will applicable for the campaign
  • Selected categories:All products in selected categories will applicable for the campaign 
  • Selected products:Only selected products will applicable for the campaign

5、Promotion page banner

  • Page banner can be display in promotion page
  • Support upload different image for PC & mobile version


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