How to set up a discount code

Background introduction:
After configuring the discount code in the background, the buyer can use it in the shopping cart and checkout page, and the corresponding discount amount will be automatically applied after use.

Entrance introduction:
Log in to the store background >> discount >> discount code


Events List:
You can view and edit discount code activities in different activity states through the list.


1. View

Active status: in effect, pending and expired.
Event Type: Percentage Reduction/Fixed Amount Reduction/Free Shipping

2. Edit

The event name can be modified if the event has not started
Promotion conditions can be modified during the event, applicable products and event time
After the event has ended, the event cannot be modified, and the system cannot change the content in order to protect the order data of the participating events.

1. Create a discount code:

Content: Support English, digital content format input

Generate a discount code: You can click to generate a discount code to automatically generate 

2. Activity time setting:

The start time and end time can be set, but it should be noted that the start time needs to be later than the current time. If you need to set a future start date, you can adjust it. It should be noted that the activity time here is determined according to the time zone set in the background store basic information, and the support will never expire.


3. Offer settings:

Offer Type: There are three offer types, Percentage Discount, Fixed Amount, Free Shipping
Offer content: meet the conditions to enjoy discounts, meet the conditions to enjoy price concessions, meet the conditions to enjoy free shipping

Percentage discount;


Fixed Amount;


Free Shipping;


Can be set to overlap with automatic discounts

Can set usage restrictions

4. Product range:

Store-wide product enjoyment: All products in the store participate in full discount/full discount
Specified category: All products in the specified category in the store
Designated products: designated products in the store


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