Menu Navigation

1. Feature Introduction

The menu navigation can be placed at the top or bottom of the page in the store. Through the navigation settings, the selected items in the store, such as online shop pages, products, categories, custom pages, etc., and other external links can be placed in the navigation. Customers can then quickly find pages they want to go through the navigation menu on the header or footer, customer can quickly find pages they want to navigate to. 


2. Setup Instructions

Go to SHOPLINE Admin, Online Store > Navigation to enter menu navigation which was created and click Add Menu item.


3. Edit Navigation

Click the menu title to enter the navigation details and edit the navigation bar name. Click the small pen icon on the right side of the menu item to edit the menu item name and the linked page. Click the trash icon to delete the corresponding menu item.


4. Add Navigation

Proceed to [Online Store] > [Navigation], and click Create Navigation.


You can also name or delete navigation and add a menu item for navigation.


5. Add Menu Item

Go to [Online Store] > [Navigation] to enter the menu navigation which had already created and click Add Menu Item

mceclip5.png"Page Type" that can be added:

  • Home Page: To get to the homepage of the shop.
  • Search Page: To get to the shop search page.
  • Product Category: Go to the all categories page or a certain product list page.
  • Product: Go to all products page or a certain product details page.
  • Custom Page: Go to a custom page configured at the backend.
  • External Links: Enter the website address directly to go to other websites, such as Facebook pages, blogs, etc.
  • No Links: Only title will be displayed and there is no jump action. 

6. Menu Item

You can set the online store directory and order in the SHOPLINE Admin > [Online Store] > [Navigation], and change the order of pages by dragging and dropping the menu title. 


Set Up 2nd tier navigation

You can set up 2nd tier for your online store to display more information. 


The result is as follows:


Click the Right Arrow on the left and add the menu to change it to a sub-menu.

For example:


Click the Back Arrow to change to tier 2 menu back to the main menu. 


Set Up 3rd tier navigation

There is an additional Right Arrow in the tier 2 menu, move the menu to tier 3 by clicking on the Right Arrow.


If you need to restore it to a tier 2 item, click on the arrow to change the tiers. 


7. Set up Navigation in Pages

Go to [Online Store] > [Design]. Click the Design button next to the theme you are using. On the design page, select Header or Footer.

Click Change to replace the main menu for navigation. 




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