Abandoned Checkouts


You can send customers the abandoned cart URL via email to remind them to complete their checkout.



Go to [Orders] > [Abandoned Checkout], click the orders you need to send notifications to.



1 . Send recovery email for abandoned checkouts

Step 1. Enter the order details page, click Send a recovery email.


Step 2. Enter the sender's email, click Preview Template to view the email style and content. Once you have confirmed the content, click Send
Screenshot_2022-04-06_at_11_11_12_PM.pngScreenshot_2022-04-06_at_11_10_34_PM.pngNote:Each abandoned checkout can only send out recovery email for 1 time within 24hours.

2. Abandoned checkout filter

You may choose the option of sending status, recovery status & number of messages sent. 



3. Today's new abandoned checkouts

This will show daily abandoned checkouts with unpaid status. You may easily manage daily abandoned checkouts in this tab and arrange to send out recovery email.


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