Product categories

Categories are groups of products you wish to show on the same page in your store. For example, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Clothing, Bestsellers, Sale. They help customers to faster navigate through the store and find the products they need. The same product can belong to multiple categories at the same time.


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Creating categories

To create a new category:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Products > Categories.

  2. Add Category.

  3. Enter the name, and description, and upload the category cover and category banner.

  4. Select the method to add the product to this category.
    • Manual categorisation - Manually select products to add to the category.
    • Smart categorisation - You can set multi-criteria filtering and select tag, product name, price, inventory, and other conditions, and eligible products that fall under the conditions will be added to the category.

  5. Click Save.



Adding products into categories from product edit page

In SHOPLINE, you can set a newly created product to categories created previously. 

To assign a new product to a category:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Products.

  2. Under Product settings > Categories.


  3. Select the categories you want the product to be assigned to.


  4. Click Update.



Sorting products into categories

You can choose in what order to show the products on the storefront to your customers. Products are automatically sorted in chronological order in which they are updated. You can set a custom order of products within a category and arrange the products manually in the desired way.

To sort products into categories:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Products > Categories.

  2. Select the categories you want to sort its products.

  3. Select the Product display order in your desired way.


  4. [Optional] You can set custom sort products in bulk, and select Enter custom sequence. Drag and drop the image to arrange the sorting order.



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