Cancelling orders

You can cancel an order from your SHOPLINE admin. Here are some of the cases when you might need this:

  • The customer changes their mind after placing an order
  • Ordered items are unavailable
  • You consider the order fraudulent

Once you cancel an order, the customer gets an email notification. The purchased products are restocked.

If a customer wants to cancel an order, they should contact the store owner as there is no option to do this from their accounts. Ensure that you have the contact information on your website so your customers can easily get in touch with you.


To cancel an order:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Orders.

  2. Look for the order that needs to be cancelled.

  3. Click on More > Cancel order.


Orders can only be cancelled if the orders have not been shipped.



  • Currently only supports merchants to cancel orders from admin panel, and does not support customers to cancel orders from the storefront member center.
  • No actions can be taken after the order is cancelled.
  • Orders that are not shipped & not refunded support can be cancelled, while other status does not support doing so.
  • Merchants might need to take the next action for the cancelled order based on the payment status:
Order Status Actions
Orders that are paid, but not shipped

There will be 2 refund options available when cancelling the order:

  • Refund: The system will refund the whole amount.
  • Don't refund now: The system will not refund the amount automatically. If you wish to partially refund or further investigate the order before proceed refund, you may select this option.
Orders that are unpaid & not shipped No refund process will be processed after the order is cancelled.


  • The payment status of the cancelled orders will be updated to:
    • [Refunded] if the paid order amount has been fully refunded.

*Payment gateway processing fee will not be refunded when the order is cancelled or refunded.


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