Creating orders on behalf of customers

SHOPLINE automatically captures all customers’ orders from your online store. However, sometimes you may have to do manual sales. You can enter these orders manually in your SHOPLINE admin.

To create an order manually:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin, go to Order.

  2. Click on Create order.

  3. Click Add item and Add Customer to fill in customer details. For returning customers, enter their email and click on the customer.

  4. Fill in applicable Discounts and Shipping fees.

  5. Click on Payment method and add the name of the payment option.

  6. Click on Send invoice to send an order confirmation to the customer.

  7. Once all order information is entered, click on Create order.


You can check out the created order in your SHOPLINE admin; go to Orders > Draft orders.


After you create an order manually, product inventory will be reduced. 


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