Content Library - Help documents

This chapter will explain:

1. Concept and function of SC content library
2. How to use SC content library


1. The concept and function of content library

You can create and manage smart referral FAQs for all buyer session scenarios in SC in the content library

2. How to use the content library

Step 1: entrance

• You can find the entrance to the content library by going to: MC- Chat Assistant - Content Library.


Step 2 Click Create Content

• Click Create Content to enter the Content Settings screen

Step 3 Fill in the content

• On this page, you can fill in the name, select the channel to apply, set the reply message, add pictures and buttons.

• The button can link commodity catalog, commodity and custom URL, and the customer can click the button to jump to the corresponding interface

Step 4 preview

• On the right side of the page, you can see the preview effect
Step 5 Save and use
• Click "Save" to see the created content in the list
• Click the Open button, and the content will take effect
• You can modify and delete content in the operation bar

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